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Northwestern Tennis coaches and players are passionate about tennis and dedicated to improving on a daily basis.  We stress excellence on and off the court and our exceptional, experienced coaches will inspire you to work hard, improve and have fun each time you step on the court.

Join our programs in the Wildcat Tennis Club and learn what it’s like to play with the best.  Our coaches will lead you to tennis success, whether you are a beginner player looking to improve, or an advanced player looking for the next level in training.

Northwestern is a supportive and inspiring learning environment where we emphasize the process of becoming a better player; we challenge you to deliver your best game on the court, focusing on day-to-day hard work, positive attitude, and proper technique to grown your game.

We offer a junior tennis program for ages 4-18, and an adult program for all ages and levels.  All camps and clinics are coed, and taught by our Northwestern varsity coaches, top teaching pros, and current and former Northwestern varsity tennis players.  We also have the privilege of hosting visiting coaches from other NCAA institutions.


“Our boys have been taking lessons at NU Tennis for a number of years and with each year they have improved their game. The lessons are taught in a fun way and the coaches are attune to each kid.”

“I look forward to each of my tennis drills. Val and the other teachers make them fun, coaching some, occasionally pushing us, but varying the activities and ensuring they are pleasurable. It is the hour and a half with the most laughs.”

“Val is a brilliant coach, with infinite patience and a big smile for everyone. The adult tennis classes at NU are an undiscovered treasure right here in Evanston.”

“I enjoy the morning drills led by Val and Jarod because they afford me an opportunity to hit lots of balls, receive proper instruction, hone my skills and get lots of cardio in a friendly environment.”

“The programs offered by Northwestern Tennis Camps are fantastic! The coaches are engaged, excited, and eager to share their tennis expertise, and they are genuinely determined to see everyone succeed and improve their game. The classes are well-organized and the instruction of skills and strategies is differentiated to meet the needs of all levels through fun and fast-paced drills, games, and match play.”

“Coach Pollard and Coach Swan provide world class coaching and sparkling wit, while showing true joy at teaching mere mortal tennis players. Val is a brilliant coach, with infinite patience and a big smile for everyone. The adult tennis classes at NU are an undiscovered treasure right here in Evanston.”

“Northwestern Tennis class and camps have been exactly what we were looking for and we’ve achieved the results we’d hoped for. She wanted everyone to know that ‘Rallys and playing Swamp Monster’ are her favorite parts of class!”

“My son loves taking tennis lessons at NU; his game has improved and so has his self-confidence. The instructors are enthusiastic and patient and make learning tennis fun. My son needs a little extra direction at times, and Jen and her patient staff have been very accommodating. They do an excellent job of adjusting activities and groupings based on the kids’ needs.”