Join us on our 15 beautiful courts on Evanston’s lakeside campus. We provide top-notch personalized instruction in a positive, inspirational environment. We work to develop your child’s game, give them confidence, and let them see measurable improvement in their skills. We strive for every player to have an amazing experience, to truly love the game and have FUN! All ages and levels are welcome and campers are separated accordingly. We try to accommodate all friend requests. Generally we have four main groups of campers:


A fun group for younger players who are just learning the game of tennis. We use the Quick Start format, with equipment and courts sized for smaller hands and bodies. Slow-bouncing balls allow for success so players have fun, gain confidence and want to continuing playing and improving. Coaches focus on positivity and use lots of instructional games and activities to teach the fundamentals of technique, hand-eye coordination and movement. Campers will have a snack break midway through camp each day.


These kids have had some prior tennis experience. Ages and abilities range in this group, and campers will be broken into smaller groups as appropriate. Campers will play on a regulation-sized court, but may use orange or green dot balls to slow down the rallies and emphasize consistency. Adult balls will be used in this group as appropriate. Focus in this group is developing proper technique, correcting “bad” habits, serving, introduction of doubles play, and FUN! This group will participate in some drilling, but we still use lots of game-based drills to keep kids interested and engaged!

Mid Intermediate to Advanced Intermediates

Kids in this group have had substantial tennis experience and are ready to compete. We teach more difficult variations of standard shots, introduce tactics, talk about the mental game of tennis, and utilize drills that emphasize pace, depth, consistency and accuracy. We focus more on competing in this group, and work on game and set play, as well as other fun group games.


These are tournament level players who come to camp to improve their games and get advice from our coaches who regularly work with elite players. Players look to master technique and shot selection, identify and improve strengths and weaknesses, become tactically smart and mentally tough, and compete. Coaches encourage players in a positive manner and challenge players to do their best each day.

Camp Structure

Most weeks consist of a morning session from 9am-noon, and an afternoon session from 1-3pm. Participants may register for a half day or a full day session. Full day campers will eat a supervised lunch from 12-1pm and have time to relax or play more tennis. A typical camp day looks like this:

9:00am – warm up
9:15 – fun agility and hand-eye coordination work
9:30 – drills and games working on theme of the day
10:30 – snack break for 8 and under
11:30 – competitive games; point play and set play for older campers
Noon – pick up for morning campers

A shorter variation of the morning structure will occur in the afternoon, though drills and activities will be different. Also, please know that this is a broad outline of a camp day; little ones will be playing a lot more games, taking more water breaks, etc. than the older kids!

Rain Days

We will hold camp at the Combe Tennis Center on rainy days. If it is raining at drop-off time you may go directly to the indoor courts. If you are not sure, always best to stop by the outdoor courts to double check. We will have a sign posted and staff directing campers and parents if we are indoors. We try to stay outdoors as much as possible.


Water and Gatorade is provided at camp, and while we do have regularly scheduled drink breaks, campers are always encouraged to stop and take a break when needed.

A certified trainer is on site at all times at camp. If your child has any medical issues or allergies please let the trainer know.

Kids should wear athletic clothing, non-marking athletic shoes and bring an age-appropriate tennis racquet. Please make sure you apply sunscreen to your child before camp. Feel free to pack extra in your child’s bag. It is also a good idea to pack a hat, if you child will wear it, and a change of clothes for younger children.

Children age 8 and younger should bring a small, nut-free snack for snack time each day.


“The programs offered by Northwestern Tennis Camps are fantastic! The coaches are engaged, excited, and eager to share their tennis expertise, and they are genuinely determined to see everyone succeed and improve their game. The classes are well-organized and the instruction of skills and strategies is differentiated to meet the needs of all levels through fun and fast-paced drills, games, and match play.”

“Northwestern Tennis class and camps have been exactly what we were looking for and we’ve achieved the results we’d hoped for. She wanted everyone to know that ‘Rallys and playing Swamp Monster’ are her favorite parts of class!”

“My son loves taking tennis lessons at NU; his game has improved and so has his self-confidence. The instructors are enthusiastic and patient and make learning tennis fun. My son needs a little extra direction at times, and Jen and her patient staff have been very accommodating. They do an excellent job of adjusting activities and groupings based on the kids’ needs.”

2024 Summer Camp

Registration Will Open January 15

All camps open to anyone; limited only by age and number of campers. 

2024 Summer SessionDateTimeAgesCost
MinicampJune 5-7, 20249am-noonGrades k-8$192
Session 1June 10-14, 20249am-noonGrades k-8$320
Session 1June 10-13, 20241-3:30pmHigh School$215
Session 2June 17-21, 20249am-noonGrades k-8$320
Session 2June 17-20, 20241-3:30pmHigh School$215
Session 3June 24-28, 20249am-noonGrades k-8$320
Session 3June 24-27, 20241-3:30pmHigh School$215
Session 4July 29-Aug 2 20249am-noonGrades k-8$320
Session 4July 29-Aug 1, 20241-3:30pmHigh School$215
Session 5August 5-9, 20249am-noonGrades k-8$320
Session 5August 5-8, 20241-3:30pmHigh School$215
Session 6August 12-16, 20249am-noonGrades k-8$320