Group Classes

Our group tennis lessons are a great way for your child to work on fundamentals and team work. Classes are available by ability from beginner to advanced, after school and on weekends. Our excellent instructor-to-student ratio means your child will get the individual attention he or she needs to master strokes and build confidence. And, because we know kids just want to have fun, we always make sure to include a variety of games in every class.


Pee Wee

4-5 years old

These kids are just learning to play. We will focus on basic ball skills, movement, age-appropriate technique, and mostly making sure your child has fun and loves tennis. We use age-specific tennis equipment to ensure success.


5-7 years old and 7-10 years old

This class is for kids who are complete beginners, as well as kids who  have had some experience but still need lots of instruction. Kids will be split up into separate groups based on age and level. Our goal in this class is for kids to be able to successfully maintain a rally, learn all the different strokes, and learn how to serve and score. We emphasize movement, and correct technique, all in a positive environment. We use a variety of balls in this group, based on the level: red, orange, and green-dot balls.


9-14 years old

This class is for kids who can rally from the baseline. We work more specifically on technique, agility, introduce strategy, within a drill and game based format.

Advanced Intermediate

9-14 years old

This class is for kids who are ready to start playing tournaments. Kids are learning advanced spins and techniques, and are ready to work hard to improve their game. This is a 90 minute class.

High School

This is a coed class for high school player.

We have all levels, from freshman team to varsity team members, and group kids according to level. Each class has a number of specific goals and themes to improve the kids’ games. We spend time working on both doubles and singles play.

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Private Lessons


Private lessons are a great way for your child to spend individual time with a coach, working exactly on what he or she needs to work on, and can often be the key to unlocking the potential in your child’s game. This is a good way to go if you require a flexible schedule, or as a supplement to group lessons.

Private lesson rates are $85-$95 per hour for 1-2 people, and no facility membership is required. We can also schedule private group lessons. For more information please contact us.


We are pleased to offer many sanctioned USTA tournaments at NU. Kids who are beginning to explore competition should register for Level 7 events, comprised of kids who do not have tons of competitive experience. 

More experienced players should enter our Level 6 events, comprised of ranked athletes. 

Information about playing in and registering for USTA sanctioned events can be found at

Contact us for more information about USTA tournaments and to see if they are right for your athlete.

Junior Classes

Fall 2 2023: Tuesday October 24th – Sunday December 17th, 2023. Pre-registration for current students is October 1-7th. Online registration for everyone opens Wednesday October 11th, 7am. 

Junior Beginner / Advanced Beginner

Tuesday4:30–5:30pm$178no class 10/31Ellyse/Sasa/Edmond
Saturday1–2pm$178no class 11/25Mel/Edmond/Dylan
Sunday1-2pm$178no class 11/26Mel/Blythe

Junior Intermediate

Tuesday5:30–6:30pm$178no class 10/31Ellyse/Sasa/Edmond
Wednesday4–5pm$178no class 11/22Edmond/Sasa
Saturday2–3pm$178no class 11/25Mel/Edmond/Dylan

Junior Advanced Intermediate

Wednesday5–6:30pm$266no class 11/22Edmond/Sasa
Thursday5:30–7pm$266no class 11/23Mel/Ankita
Sunday2–3:30pm$266no class 11/26Mel/Blythe

High School

Monday3:30-5pm (All Levels)$228no class 11/6Mel
Monday6–7:30pm (JV and Varsity only)$228no class 11/6Jen/Chris/Sasa
Tuesday5–6:30pm (All Levels)$266Mel
Sunday3:30–5pm (All Levels)$266no class 11/26Mel

Pee Wee

Saturday3:00–3:30pm$105no class 11/25Edmond/Dylan
Saturday3:30–4:00pm$105no class 11/25Edmond/Dylan

Fall 1 2023: Tuesday September 5th – Monday October 23, 2023. Classes meet for 7 weeks.

Junior Beginner


Junior Intermediate


Junior Advanced Intermediate


High School

Monday6:00–7:30pm (Varsity only)$266Jen/Chris/Sasa
Tuesday5–6:30pm (All Levels)$266Mel
Sunday3:30–5pm (All Levels)$266Mel

Pee Wee